Who we are?

Barlize,de is a brand new e-commerce website for gifts found in 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Who are the people behind

We are like you. We have special people in our lives, to whom we often want to say “Hi”, “I love you”, “Happy anniversary”, “Thank you for being part of my live”, “Happy birthday”, but in our busy days we often forget about our most precious assets – our friends, partners, parents – the most special people in our lives. Sometimes we don’t hear or see these special people for long periods of time; physical boundaries or busy work schedules might separate us, but we always know that we are special for each other, despite the time or physical boundaries.

That’s the primary reason why we decided to create Barlize. We wanted to create a website, which will help us remind to say, “Thank you” to those special people, through some very special gifts – small gifts from our big hearts to express our deep gratitude that these special people are part of the lives. Lives, which are like a journey full of moments of excitement, joy, fear, hesitation, love and bravery. But in all of these moments, these special people are the primary reason why we move forward, we grow and evolve.

We want Barlize to not only help us express our gratitude through these special gifts, but also to help us remind about these special events and people in our lives, in order to make sure that we won’t miss to express our deep gratitude, in the business of our schedules.

We also created Barlize because we believe that ordering a gift for these special people should not be a routine, busy activity that we accommodate somehow among the busyness of the day. This should be a special moment, a special time that for your most special people. Our goal is to help you experience that special moment and express your deep gratitude through our special gifts. Special gifts, for special people.


Because we believe that ordering a gift for your most loved people, should not be a routine activity.

Because we think that your beloved deserves special gifts.
Because we believe that ordering a gift should be a special experience.
Because we believe that all of us need a little help to remind us of these special moments, events and people.
Because … we believe that special people deserve special gifts.


How can I leave feedback for Barlize?

We would love to hear back from you! If you want to leave us feedback about the service you use or just about your experience on the site, you could use our contact form to write us a message.

How can I ask questions about Barlize?

If you have any questions about the service, you could use our contact form to write us a message. We will reply as soon as we can, no later than 1 working day after we receive your message.


Do I have to register to place an order on

Yes, you should register, to order gifts from Barlize. To use the web-platform you must register as a user and accept the General Terms and Conditions. But don’t worry – registration is simple and easy.

What information I must provide in order to have a account?

All the information that you need to provide during registration is your name, your email address, delivery address, and a password to protect your account. We do not retain any payment details and we only keep your delivery information.

Will the information I provide be disclosed to any third parties?

Absolutely no! We do not provide any client information to any third parties.

What if I forget or can't find my password?

You just should use the lost password button and we will send you link to create a new password via email.


Do I have to register before I order?

Yes, you do have to register to make an order unless you have already created a Barlize account.

How can I order at

First, you should visit, then you simply should login to your customer account and make your order.

If you do not have yet a Barlize account, you could make a registration on

Can I have my order gift-packaged?

Of course! You can declare your will for gift-packaging.

Can I order by telephone? is e-commerce website and in this context, we do not offer orders are made by telephone. You can leave us a message in our contact form, and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

How can I check the status of my order?

You will receive e-mails from us with the latest status of your order. You can also use the order tracking ID, to track it through the online tracker of the logistics vendor.


Can I make an order outside of Germany?

Yes, you can make an order outside of Germany, but delivery address must be inside Germany



How can I pay?

As a part of our will to provide better experience to our customers, offers various
payment methods, including:


You can pay easily, securely, and cashless with your PayPal
You can pay quickly, comfortably, and easily with your German
Payments with your credit card: quick, convenient and secure
way to make an online payment with your VISA or MasterCard.
 Direct debit payment for every customer who has a bank account in Germany, Austria, Belgium or the Netherlands we offer SOFORT real-time online banking payment method.

Is the payment method secure?

The website uses certified and secure payment gateways for all payments’ methods. has no access to any entry of your online banking details. The whole process is in the security environment of the payment gateway provider. For more information please see: How can I pay?

Does collect information about my banking details or passwords? does not collect any banking details. For the payments’ purposes the website uses certified and secure payment gateways. For more information, please see: How can I pay?


Can I have an invoice for my order?

Yes. You mandatory receive the invoice in your email.

Can I have a VAT (tax, company) invoice for my order?

Yes. We allow each client to use the site either as a private customer or as a legal entity (company). So, we offer both: regular invoice and VAT invoice.


Can I track my delivery?

You will receive automatic e-mails with the latest status of your delivery.

You can also use the order tracking ID, to track it through the online tracker of the logistics vendor.

How much does the delivery cost?

We have a flat delivery rate of 4.5 EUR per order.

Can I have my order delivered to a different address to my billing address?

Yes. You can chose either your default delivery address, or you can specify other delivery address for the order. You can manage your delivery addresses from your account – you can create new ones, update or delete existing.

Do you put any billing information in the ordering package?

No. We assume that you might order a gift for someone else and hereof we do not place any billing information in the package. Instead we send invoice towards your registered billing e-mail address.


Can I return ordered items?

Every customer has the right to return ordered items in fourteen days after receiving without having to provide grounds.



How safe is online shopping from

The team understands all customers’ concerns about online shopping.

The team has done everything necessary to ensure your safety when you shop
online from our website.

The website uses the security SSL technology (Secure
Sockets Layer) for establishing an encrypted connection between the
customer’s browser and Barlize’s web-server. This encrypted
connection ensures that all data passed between the customer’s
browser and Barlize’s web-server remain integral and private.
PayPal PLUS is a completely optimized checkout payment processing solution for accepting payment methods on websites, provided by PayPal..

Note: More about PayPal safety and security..

How safe are payments through
SOFORT online shopping payment service is provided by SOFORT GmbH.
The service is TÜV Approved Payment System and ensure TÜV Approved Data Protection.
When you pay with your VISA or MasterCard, your bank data is protected by secure transaction.

How secure is my data with

We do our best to secure your data. All necessary customer data (delivery address and log-in information) is transferred by SSL encrypted connection on our website.

Does store any of my data? does not collect any credit card or bank data/details.

We collect, process and use personal data (delivery address and login information) only as necessary to process your orders and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.