In the fast-paced world of technology, ensuring your digital legacy is preserved and managed has become increasingly important. For tech geeks who value their online presence and digital assets, DGLegacy® is the ultimate gift that combines their passion for technology with proactive digital inheritance planning. As an online gift shop, we are thrilled to introduce DGLegacy®, the cutting-edge digital legacy planning and digital inheritance app that empowers individuals to secure their digital footprint for future generations. Let’s dive into the reasons why DGLegacy® is the perfect gift for tech enthusiasts!

1. Preserving Digital Legacy:

Tech geeks often lead a digital-first lifestyle, accumulating vast amounts of data, memories, and online accounts. DGLegacy® enables them to safeguard these assets, ensuring that their digital legacy is passed on seamlessly to their loved ones. With DGLegacy®, tech enthusiasts can curate their online identity and choose which information to share with their designated beneficiaries, guaranteeing a personalized and meaningful legacy.

2. Organized Digital Asset Management:

As tech-savvy individuals, managing various online accounts and assets can be overwhelming. DGLegacy® simplifies this process by providing a centralized platform to organize and categorize digital assets, such as passwords, financial accounts, social media profiles, and more. Through secure encryption and advanced features, the app assures tech geeks that their digital life will be managed efficiently.

3. Simplified Digital Inheritance:

Digital inheritance can be a complex and confusing process. DGLegacy® streamlines the digital inheritance journey, guiding tech geeks and their beneficiaries through every step. By leaving clear instructions and designating trusted individuals, they can rest assured that their digital assets will be accessed and distributed according to their wishes.

4. Future-Proofing Digital Assets:

Technology evolves rapidly, and digital formats can become obsolete over time. DGLegacy® addresses this concern by allowing tech geeks to periodically update their digital assets and keep track of technological changes. By doing so, they ensure that their digital legacy remains relevant and accessible to future generations.

5. Privacy and Security:

Tech geeks understand the importance of data privacy and security. DGLegacy® employs robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information, utilizing encryption protocols. This level of protection gives tech enthusiasts peace of mind that their digital legacy plan is in safe hands.


For tech geeks who are passionate about their digital presence and want to leave a lasting legacy, DGLegacy® is the perfect gift. This cutting-edge app empowers individuals to secure their digital assets, manage their online identity, and ensure a smooth digital inheritance process. As an online gift shop, we believe that DGLegacy® represents the future of digital legacy planning, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for tech enthusiasts. Give the gift of digital empowerment and show your loved ones that their digital legacy matters. Surprise them with DGLegacy® today!




If you’re not sure how to approach  business gift-giving, here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you face this challenge and get gifts, which will be appreciated.

Do: Make a list

Even at work making a gift is a personal gesture. Consider all the people at work you want to get a present for. Think about your work environment – your colleagues, supervisors and maybe future business clients and even coworkers – and make a list with suitable gift ideas.

Don’t: Worry if you don’t have any ready gift ideas

At you can always find ready gift ideas, which are suitable not only for your office coworkers and friends, but also for the given occasion. From “Thank you” presents to holidays gifts and surprises. Just have a look and you will find the perfect present!

Do: Think about the recipient

Think about the person you are getting a gift for. How long have you known each other or have you worked together? What will be useful or enjoyable for the recipient? Where is the recipient from and do their culture have different perceptions when it comes to gift-giving? You don’t want to make a mistake that can hurt rather than help you and your business.

Don’t: Forget about the specific occasion

Are you getting the gift as a thank you or for a special occasion? Certain gifts are more appropriate at specific times than others. Near Christmas for example it’s better to get a gift with a holiday spirit, but for office celebrations formal gifts are preferable.

Do: Get a thoughtful gift

Getting a gift that shows thoughtfulness it’s not an easy task. Keep in mind things your coworkers and business friends need. And think about which gifts would be truly appreciated. Modern Suitcases for the always busy ones, a classy accessories and scarfs for the trend followers and a artwork for the art admirer.

Don’t: Set a low-budget

When it comes to gifts quality matters. No one likes cheap gifts. That doesn’t mean you should buy extremely expensive gifts for everyone. Consider each one on your gift list and set a reasonable budget that’s fair for everyone – not too high, but also not too low.


Valentine’s Day is here. The flower shops and the restaurants are full. Heart decoration and couples in love can be found everywhere. The holiday has been associated more and more with romantic love only… But it doesn’t have to be that way! We have 4 ideas how to fully enjoy the day as a single.

Make a lovedeclaration to yourself

Love doesn’t have to come from someone else. Self-love is much more important, because only when you feel comfortable with yourself, you can be happy in relationships with other people. Give yourself attention and love on this day. Create a cozy atmosphere (here are few tips), cook your favorite meal and enjoy the evening with a glass of wine and why not even with a gift from yourself?

Say “yes” to the bargain hunt

Who said that Valentine’s Day should only be a holiday for couples? Just before Valentine’s Day and on the day, there are so many good bargains. As a single, you don’t need to spend hours looking for a suitable Valentine’s Day gift, instead you can treat yourself with something beautiful… A good perfume or a chic accessory, for example, are always a good treat. At you can find these and more high-quality gifts for a good price!

Treat yourself

To enjoy the day alone and to be able to escape the everyday stress is the dream. Treat yourself with a day of relaxation and pampering. Gift yourself with SPA procedures or beauty products. It is important that you feel good and forget the whole stress for a day.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your dearest friends

Your friends are the people who are always on your side – no matter if you are in a relationship or single. What a better reason to surprise them on Valentine’s Day with a nice present? The day of love doesn’t necessarily have to be celebrated in a romantic way. Everyone has very important people in their lives who can be given love and attention on this day.


1. Create a suitable environment

Set up your own apartment with romantic decorations. Rose petals and hearts are not the only thing you can use. A beautiful light (lamps, lanterns, etc.) brings in more romantic atmosphere. Scented candles and essential oils can provide even more romance.

2. Gifts

You can hide several gifts in the apartment and enjoy the surprise effect by your partner afterwards. Beside the classic gifts such as roses and chocolate, you can also prepare something unique to make your partner feel special.

3. Let the emotions flow

Do not limit yourself when you’re expressing your love. Whether you prefer expressing your feelings in writing or verbally, do it without feeling guilty. A good and thoughtful gift could also very well convey your love. If you need help with the gift search, take a look at the following articles.

4. Let yourself and your partner to be spoiled

A spa day or a little trip together can help you forget about the everyday stress. Take the day off and do something. Even if it seems unromantic at first glance, it is the activity together itself that actually makes the day romantic and special!

5. Put the big expectations aside

Valentine’s Day isn’t about fulfilling any social expectations, but to spend the day with your loved ones. Forget about all the other people and think only about yourself and your partner. Give yourself a wonderful day of togetherness and let yourself and your partner be pampered with a special gift from our Valentine’s Day pallet! You deserve it!


1. Division of the responsibilities

Christmas is a family celebration. Therefore, all family members should not only be involved in the celebration, but in the preparation as well. In addition, when everyone takes on one or more tasks, it becomes much more easy and enjoyable. Thus, a big part from the stress is also gone. Who said you have to be a superhero and do it all by yourself? However, it is also more fun if you prepare the whole thing together. It may sound like a cliché, but decorating the Christmas tree is one of the best and most memorable Christmas activities, when it’s done together with the family.

2. Determine your priorities

During the Christmas season, one is often overwhelmed by the entire preparation and the related stress. Often, beside the everyday tasks there is no time for relaxation. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that one’s own needs are often stuck in the background. Engagements, to-do and grocery lists are mostly a priority. However, the link between this and increased stress level and even burnout-state it’s not uncommon. But this is probably not new to you. You can avoid it by taking breaks from time to time and by paying more attention to your own needs. Sometimes one hour more sleep or 10 minutes more under the shower are crucial. Let yourself relax from time to time. It has been scientifically proven that even half an hour for self-care a day is sufficient to avoid stress.

3. A perfect Christmas doesn’t exist

Don’t forget that not everything depends on you and that you cannot have 100% control, even if your intentions are purely altruistic. No matter how much effort you put in to planning and the organizing, the likelihood of someone’s dissatisfaction is high. Conflicts and arguments can be also expected during the Christmas season. Unfortunately, that’s all part of it. Don’t be disappointed. On the contrary, go with the flow. If you have high expectations, drop them. Allow yourself and everyone else more serenity. After all, Christmas is also a celebration of peace and relaxation.

4. Christmas is not just a duty

The sense of duty around Christmas is often very strong, especially when it comes to invitations. Who do you have to visit and who else you have to invite are the two inevitable questions. However, when the duties grow more and more, things tend to get complicated. Allow yourself to break the tradition, if it’s too much for you. Just say “no” and enjoy the Christmas season! You could also make it easier by postponing some of the Christmas visits for a better time. In this case you’d also have more time for presents shopping and to just let yourself take it easy.

5. Let yourself relax / have fun

Forget for 1-2 days for all your tasks and duties. Turn even your cell phone off or at least the notifications and let yourself relax for a moment. Forget about all deadlines and just live for the moment. Above all, Christmas is a celebration that should bring you happiness and inner peace. Allow yourself to push briefly all different problems in the background and to just have fun!


Be inspired by the season!

Is this the birthday of a close friend, family member, or colleague, and you have no idea for a present? Let’s take a look at the inspirational machine – experience again that giving presents is at least as enjoyable as being given a gift!

Take a look out of the window!

The main source of inspiration lies right under our noses: each season brings its temperature and weather features. And if that does not bring a suitable result, we cultivate customs and festivities in every season, which can also provide ideas for brainstorming for a suitable present. So…

Let’s get started!

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Saint Martin …

Pumpkin lanterns, spiders, skeletons, and ingredients, and pumpkin pies recipes make us laugh in the shops. Halloween has long conquered Europe, and while there are no “Halloween gifts” to our knowledge, we are inspired by the traditions and customs of the ghostly festival.

Would you like to give a present to your partner? Or your new crush?

Around Halloween there are traditionally many fortune telling games and games to predict the future. The topic of relationship and partnership is particularly important. Unmarried people should be able to see the face of their future partner on Halloween while looking in the mirror.

You also may find something suitable and funny for your colleagues or your child’s teachers, around Halloween.

If not, there are even more autumn festivals. First and most important are the ideas for presents for Thanksgiving. The range of fruits in the Halloween season is particularly rich, colourful and wide – that makes you want the autumn colours at home. Therefore, a nice gift can therefore be a small or larger shell. Present your gift with multicoloured pumpkins and autumnal leaves gathered in the park with your child, and then tell your friends how you prepared the gift for you. So you breathe life into the eternal mantra of the personal gift and at the same time learn that it is not the price that matters, but your commitment.

Outside, it gets uncomfortable – cuddly and warming for the home

Candles are not just for remembering the dead and Halloween. They are the epitome of cosiness, everywhere, where since October the late afternoons become darker and the temperatures drop.
Candle holders are a classical gift, and when they shouldn’t be made from a carved pumpkin, how about an indoor lantern? It spreads a particularly warm and cozy light.

A fine silk scarf also provides warmth with a wonderful autumn motive: the vineyards of Vincent van Gogh, or one of Vermeer’s play of light and shadow.

Does your child have a birthday and it is cold to throw a birthday party outside? With a popcorn machine, the kids will certainly be busy inside for a while. You see, with weather, colors and festivals the autumn holds a lot of occasions for a present inspiration. Grab it!