Barlize.de is a brand new e-commerce website for gifts founded in 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Who are the people behind Barlize.de?

We are like you. We have special people in our lives, to whom we often want to say “Hi”, “I love you”, “Happy anniversary”, “Thank you for being part of my live”, “Happy birthday”, but in our busy days we often forget about our most precious assets – our friends, partners, parents – the most special people in our lives. Sometimes we don’t hear or see these special people for long periods of time; physical boundaries or busy work schedules might separate us, but we always know that we are special for each other, despite the time or physical boundaries.

That’s the primary reason why we decided to create Barlize. We wanted to create a website, which will help us remind to say, “Thank you” to those special people, through some very special gifts – small gifts from our big hearts to express our deep gratitude that these special people are part of the lives. Lives, which are like a journey full of moments of excitement, joy, fear, hesitation, love and bravery. But in all of these moments, these special people are the primary reason why we move forward, we grow and evolve.

We want Barlize to not only help us express our gratitude through these special gifts, but also to help us remind about these special events and people in our lives, in order to make sure that we won’t miss to express our deep gratitude, in the business of our schedules.

We also created Barlize because we believe that ordering a gift for these special people should not be a routine, busy activity that we accommodate somehow among the busyness of the day. This should be a special moment, a special time that for your most special people. Our goal is to help you experience that special moment and express your deep gratitude through our special gifts. Special gifts, for special people.

Why Barlize.de?

Because we believe that ordering a gift for your most loved people, should not be a routine activity.

Because we think that your beloved deserves special gifts.

Because we believe that ordering a gift should be a special experience.

Because we believe that all of us need a little help to remind us of these special moments, events and people.

Because … we believe that special people deserve special gifts.